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Mail-Order Brides on The Today Show with Matt Lauer

the today show with matt lauer, john adams

International Dating Expert John Adams on The Today Show with Matt Lauer Discusses The "Mail-Order Brides" Stigma

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The Today Show is filmed daily in Los Angeles, California; the producers of The Today Show invited A Foreign Affair president and international dating expert John Adams to be a guest on the show on January 11th, 2011. John Adams and his wife, Tanya, discussed with Today Show host Matt Lauer the ins and outs of international dating. They talked about the experience of meeting the love of your life in another country, the politically incorrect phrase "mail order bride," and why international dating is such a rapidly growing industry.

International dating expert John Adams happily joined Matt Lauer for this interesting interview on The Today Show to help spread the word about A Foreign Affair and international dating. He was joined by his lovely wife Tanya to discuss some of the aspects of international dating and A Foreign Affair that the average person wouldn't know about. International dating, A Foreign Affair's area of expertise, is an involved process that thousands of single men and women participate in every year. A Foreign Affair is responsible for thousands of marriages every year - men finding their special, beautiful bride. John Adams even personally hosts many of the romance tours to Latin America, Asia, and the Ukraine. That is the main reason Matt Lauer and the producers of The Today Show invited John Adams onto the show as an international dating expert. With over 16 years of experience, John Adams is leading A Foreign Affair and the international dating industry as it grows more and more into the future, and grows more acceptable within American society.

If you are seeking information about international dating, John Adams, or A Foreign Affair, be sure to watch The Today Show episode that aired on January 11th, 2011 (above). You will not be disappointed!

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